Because your people make the difference

  • Quality training leads to quality operation

    The better trained you and your crew are, the more efficiently your vessels run. Correct working procedures and comprehensive vessel knowledge are key to minimizing downtime, with problems more easily prevented and more effectively solved.

    The accuracy of skill and depth of knowledge required to achieve this can only be acquired through structured training with a professional instructor. While on-the-job learning is often a tempting solution, it typically results in bad habits and poor practices being passed on. Damen’s carefully devised training programs impart thorough and correct knowledge that leads to safe and efficient vessel operation.

    As employees become better equipped to do a good job, their improved performance and increased motivation leads to reduced operational costs. At the same time, increased job satisfaction results in more committed employees who continue to benefit your organisation in the long term.

  • Courses for everybody

    Damen offers a broad range of training programs including vessel familiarisation, nautical courses, technical courses, maintenance courses, manufacturer courses and safety & environment courses. Partnership programs with OEMs ensure thorough knowledge of the specific equipment you operate. In addition to our standard training programs, we can create custom programs to suit your individual requirements.

    Training methods range from theoretical to practical and are carried out as required in classrooms, simulators and on-the-job. We have in-house training facilities and can, of course, also come to you, wherever you are in the world.

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