• Damen offers a broad range of training programs including vessel familiarisation, nautical courses, technical courses, maintenance courses, manufacturer courses and safety & environment courses. Partnership programs with OEMs ensure thorough knowledge of the specific equipment you operate. In addition to our standard training programs, we can create custom programs to suit your individual requirements.

    Training methods range from theoretical to practical and are carried out as required in classrooms, simulators and on-the-job. We have in-house training facilities and can, of course, also come to you, wherever you are in the world.

  • Vessel familiarisation

    For: technical and nautical crew onboard including Chief Engineer, First Engineer, Second Engineer, Electricians, Technical Staff, Captains, First Mates, Deckhands.

    Damen’s vessel familiarisation training ensures your crew is fully up to speed on knowing how to use all the features your Damen vessels have to offer. We offer courses specialized for tugs, high speed craft, offshore & transport and ferries.

    Details of vessel familiarisation courses…

  • Nautical courses

    For: Captains, First Mates, Deckhands

    Damen’s sailing & manoeuvring and navigation & communication courses are designed to ensure the nautical crew is capable of managing their vessel through all eventualities. Simulator training, including specialised courses for ASD Tugs can also be provided.

    Details of nautical courses...

  • Technical courses

    For: technical and maintenance staff who are responsible for operation and maintenance of various systems within the vessel.
    Damen offers a range of courses focussed on improving skill and knowledge on propulsion, electrical, auxiliary and alarm & monitoring systems.

    Details of technical courses...

  • Maintenance courses

    For: on board and onshore engineers
    Damen’s courses covering fundamental, organisational (OLM) and intermediate (ILM) maintenance provide technical staff with a comprehensive grounding on both fundamental maintenance as well as use of the DAMOS system.

    Details of maintenance courses...

  • Manufacturer courses

    For: operational and maintenance staff responsible for optimal performance of propulsion, automation and bridge equipment.
    In cooperation with OEMs, Damen offers a range of courses focussed on providing in-depth knowledge on operation and maintenance of on-board propulsion equipment, the automation system and bridge equipment (ECDIS, DP, GPS).

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  • Safety & environment courses

    For: technical and nautical staff involved in a vessel’s daily operation, including those with responsibility for safety on board and offshore staff involved with ballast water treatment activities.

    Damen’s portfolio of safety & environment courses help ensure a safe working environment, reduce costs through economic operation and limit environmental impact through safe water processing and treatment on board of vessels and/or platforms.

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